If you encounter an imperfection after delivery, our service department is available to help during your warranty period. Every item Kamin Furniture sells is warranted against defects in material or workmanship for twelve months from the date of delivery. The warranty is only extended to the original purchaser, or the person to whom original delivery was made. An item under warranty will be repaired or replaced, at Kamin Furniture’s option, without charge. If the merchandise was picked up from Kamin Furniture, the customer takes full responsibility in bringing the product in or pay a standard delivery fee to be serviced. Kamin Furniture reserves the right to remove a defective item from your home for a reasonable period of time in order to affect necessary repairs in our workshop or by return to the manufacturer. 

Upholstery fabrics for wearability or color fastness
“AS IS” items
Customer abuse or repairs performed by the customer
Items moved from one building to another
Consequential damage
Items for commercial use 

Kamin Furniture’s Extended Warranty 

The protection plan offers protection against accidental damage, including stains, gouges, burns, water marks, and more.

Montage Furniture Services provides professional repair when furniture is stained or damaged - at no charge. Cover included furniture replacement if the damaged or stained piece can not be repaired or cleaned by an authorized technician.

To file a claim on your warranty, please don’t call the store. Call Montage Furniture Services:
Call: 800.686.0050 (toll-free)
Fax: 800-966-5574
E-mail: claims@montagefs.com
US Mail: Customer Service Center, 107 Flynn Drive, Suite 500, Milbank, SD 57252